3 Post Ideas: Invite Your Followers to Engage

Apr 05, 2021

By Dana Zificsak, CTA, CTIE

These posts have a focus on inviting followers into conversation.  Social media in business is a tool for building your know, like and trust factor. 

Idea 1

All-Inclusive Resort.

Share photos of a resort's amenities and invite your followers into the conversation by asking them where they would go first.


Idea 2

Inspirational Quote

Use a travel quote to to inspire conversation. I used this quote to have my followers guess where we're going on our next trip. Click here to download this graphic to use on your page. 


Idea 3 

Resort room tour

Use a video or photos of a resort hotel room and write in the text of the post three benefits of the resort as a whole.  Ask your follower which amenity or benefit they would use first. For example, I used a Disney resort and as the benefits, I listed the ways to get to the Magic Kingdom. This educates your followers and invites them into conversation.


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