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Apr 26, 2021
#1 Behind the Scenes of a FAM
I took this picture on a FAM to Jamaica as I was packing. We as agents know the grueling schedules when we are on these FAMs, they are certainly not vacations! I wrote a post on what these packets mean to me. It's good sometimes to show our clients how we earn our expertise.
#2  Look through your posts, what haven't you posted about in a while? Do a series on that destination. I did one on sailing on the Disney Wonder in Alaska. I scheduled 5 posts over the course of a week highlighting the ports, excursions, ship activities and food. 
#3 Let's Play a Game

Take out your phone, open up your photos app, close your eyes and scroll for at least 10 seconds. Your closest travel pictures to where you stopped will be the topic of your post. For me, I landed right on Castaway Cay, Disney's private island in the Bahamas from 2017.  The sea, it is calling me-- cannot wait to get back on a cruise ship! 


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Do your clients ask questions like, "Do you book cruises?" or other things that you think are obvious? If they are asking, that means it's not clear to them.

I do not want you to miss out on a commission, especially a good one! Luckily you can still join my Stop Missing Out on Sales challenge! I know it's been a year and I put these mini lessons together to give fellow agents a set of small wins that could help you win more bookings.

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This is not one of those educational challenges, where you'll watch a video and let the ideas collect dust.... each day will be action oriented.

Dates: April 26-April 30; Bonus Class May 4
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Monday-Friday Challenge Days
5 minute mini lesson on video + 15 minute task
Topics: No Assuming, How to explain Costco discounts to clients, Why behind-the-scenes posts are important, planning an expert series and a Sticky Note Party

Monday, 5/3: Catch-up Day if needed

Tuesday, 5/4: Bonus class: How to write posts so your followers will click, like, and comment-- my post-writing formula!!

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