3 Post Ideas: Perks, Room Service and Something New

Mar 28, 2021

by Dana Zificsak, CTA, CTIE

Social media is a tool we can use to increase the Know, Like, and Trust factor between us and our clients and potential clients. 

I create engaging posts that invite my followers to click, like or comment--- the social part of social media.  

Check your business page insights. Tell me if using these ideas brings you more engagement numbers, meaning: clicks, reactions, and comments. 

Idea 1
What is a perk of packages you book that your clients might not realize? 

I decided to focus on Walt Disney Travel Company packages and the mini golf vouchers.

Idea 2
Ask a question--What would room service bring if....?

Lots of places we book include room service. Since Disney Cruises released more 2022 dates this past week, I went with a favorite with my family. My son calls them Mickey Bar parties.

Post Idea 3
Trying Something New

Think of something new you've tried or will try and invite your followers into the conversation. 


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