Invite your followers into conversation with these 3 post ideas

Apr 18, 2021

Engagement is the key to a successful business social media page. 

Using questions in your posts invites followers to engage and comment or react to your post. 

These three post ideas are written to do just that. 

#1 Re-introduce yourself

It's good every once in a while to remind followers who you help and what you do.  

#2 Club level perk spotlight

People will often upgrade when they know what perks there are. If you don't  tell them they'll never know. 

#3 Universal Express Pass Perk

My clients' favorite part about Universal is the Express Pass feature, which is included with the Premier Hotels. This post invites followers to engage and it showcases your expertise, that you know how they can make the most out of their vacation dollars. 

Stop Losing Sales! 

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Dates: April 26-April 30; Bonus Class May 4
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This free challenge is for you if:
-- You've scrolled through Facebook one too many times to see past clients you sent to Disney in 2019 and they were at Beaches Turks and Caicos last week! You have calculated the commissions you missed out on and want to take action.
---You're having trouble getting back into the swing of things and you want to be part of the "revenge travel" trend. You need to get back into the groove of the business (and start making $$$).
---You're doing "all the things." Yet your leads wind up booking with Costco or on their own.

The challenge is designed for you to take advantage of 20 minutes you would spend scrolling on your phone and take that chunk of time to give yourself a small business win each day.

Monday-Friday Challenge Days

  • 5 minute mini lesson on video + 15 minute task
  • Topics: No Assuming, How to explain Costco discounts to clients, Why behind-the-scenes posts are important, planning an expert series and a Sticky Note Party

Monday, 5/3: Catch-up Day if needed

Tuesday, 5/4: Bonus class: How to write posts so your followers will click, like, and comment-- my post-writing formula!!

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