It's all About the Numbers

May 10, 2021
By Dana Zificsak, CTA, CTIE
Today the theme of these ideas all come from numbers. Research has shown that when there are numbers in a headline, a follower is more likely to keep reading. And we all want them to keep reading, right?
So here are three ways I used numbers in the past month on my posts.
#1  3 Things You Need to Know About Disney Cruises
They can't resist not knowing what three things they need to know. 
#2 A percentage. 100% is more eye-catching than "all the rooms are newly remodeled" at Beaches Negril. 
#3   I like three's by the way, if you haven't noticed... I think I need to branch out to 4 on some! 
Three signs that Hilton is all in on their Clean Stay Program-- and yes, I took a picture of the Lysol wipe dispenser. LOL!

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