Be the purple cow.

May 17, 2021

If you are posting the same thing as everyone else, how do you stand out? 

Marketer Seth Godin says to be the Purple Cow. The idea is if you're driving down the road, you see tons of cows--it's a rather unremarkable sight. BUT if you see a purple cow. You stop, take a picture, tell your friends, you REMEMBER that. 

Be the purple cow in your social media posts. 

We want our social media to be memorable. We want people to share our information with friends.  

I try to write my posts with the intention of not being cookie-cutter.  Feel free to use these ideas to inspire you to be memorable in your followers' feeds. 


#1 A view from my desk.  

I took this a step further and added in the fact I cannot wait to get back to Disney World. The Mickey Bar drove it home.   



#2  Post a how-to using your personal experience as a backdrop 

I came up with this idea because I was drawing a blank for inspiration, so I did my trick of closing my eyes and scrolling through my pictures and whatever destination is closest to my stopping point, I think of something for it. I landed on a visit to Castaway Cay during  a Disney Cruise. I remembered how much we loved using the wagons on Castaway Cay and how we always pack Dollar Store beach toys to save $20+ on the island. 


#3 Personal Travel Tip

Add a relatability element to your tips, let them see what you do for your own travel. 

I posted this as I was cooking the pancakes last week. I realized that other Celiac or food allergy parents would appreciate the thought of cooking ahead prior to travel. 

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