Show off what you sell

Jul 05, 2021

There is an art to highlighting your specialties on social media. 

Inviting your potential clients into the trip, what will they experience, see or do? Put that in the post, the clients really don't care what the hotel looks like unless they understand the experience they will have. 

#1 What does a butler do? 

I wrote and re-wrote my post about this gorgeous butler-level room at Sandals Royal Barbados. Until I thought of a moment-- that moment when the guest realizes they have their own beach-front pool and a butler who will bring them breakfast to enjoy right there in the moment. 



#2 Share something that strikes you from a supplier. 

This picture of the Scarlett lady made me smile. So I thought it'd be nice to share that with my followers--you don't need to go all out on every post. Sometimes a share does the trick. 

#3 Simply describe a perk and make your point through a question. 

Questions are great engagement tools that you can use in many different ways. Here I use it to discuss the location perks of the Grand Floridian. 

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