Put the SOCIAL back into Social Media

May 31, 2021

I hear so many saying that social media is a pay to play form of marketing. While there is truth there, it doesn't have to be. In 8 years as a travel advisor, I have maybe spent $250 total in Facebook ads. Yet, I have earned many clients due to my Facebook Business Page. 

One of my keys to this is inviting the follower to converse. We have to remember to ask for the interaction we want to see. 

Here are 3 ideas that ask for interaction--let me know how these types of posts work for you. 

#1  The power of the GIF

People love GIFs and they can't help themselves when they're asked to share one. I made this super simple post right on Facebook to ask for some engagement. 


#2 A food choice

You can never go wrong with food. People love to dream about what they'll have to eat on vacation, because calories don't count while you're away, right? 

#3 A would you rather post.. 

Take 2 polar opposite experiences and ask which your followers would rather do. This is also great to gauge what your audience is looking for in their next vacation. 

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