Trust Leads to Sales

Feb 22, 2021
Connecting with Your Clients Ideas
I need to share a pet peeve of mine, which also happens to be an illustration of the topic of this post: trust leads to sales.
I am pretty active on LinkedIn. I like to connect and learn from others, but sometimes when I hit "Accept" on the connection request, they start sending direct messages to schedule a "discovery call."
I know this is a marketing technique and they probably have something automated doing it for them. They very well might be able to help me, but how do I know that based on a title on a LinkedIn page? They need to show me via their content prior to me committing my precious time to them on the phone.
This is the same for our clients. They need to see you show up on social as the expert consistently. The more that your followers can connect with you, the person, the more they will trust you. Trust leads to sales.
How can you build this trust?
  • Write as if you were talking to or texting with a friend, ask yourself, “How would I tell my friend about this experience or hotel?” 
  • Think as if you were at the destination right now. In the text of your post describe the activities by setting the scene. I've included an example of this below in one of my ideas at Beaches Turks and Caicos.
  • Post consistently and authentically
I hope you like these ideas and that you can use them as inspiration for a few posts this week.
Take the time right now (or add it to your calendar) to schedule a few posts for the week. Build that trust with your content.
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I would love to connect with you on social media, and I promise if you add me on LinkedIn I will not be messaging you for a free call! I do like to message birthday wishes and congratulations for milestones though. 

Three Post Ideas 

**Theme Park Feature **
Think of an attraction or event at a Disney Park or Universal and ask a question related to the content of your post. This builds a connection, even if followers don't comment.



**Snack Spotlight**
Go into your camera roll and pick out the first snack picture that stands out to you from a destination you book.  Describe the snack as if the picture was not there. 



**Share Some Sunshine**

It's cold out there!!  Feature somewhere that is warm and write in a way that clients can picture themselves there basking in the sunshine. 

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