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Travel Agent Sales Lab 

Group Business Coaching Program

for Travel Agents with Guts, Grit and Goals

Opening soon: The TA Sales Lab: A collaborative and strategic environment for travel agents who want to bravely position themselves as an expert agent with a relationship-building approach to marketing and sales.


In this monthly program

you will have…


  • Monthly workshops

    Examples: Implementing the Click Like Comment Formula, Using Email Marketing to Increase Sales and Getting Over the Fear of Going Live
  • Resources to assist in implementing strategies

    Cheat sheets, templates, spreadsheets
  • Sales and Marketing Coaching

  • Accountability

    Check ins and group coaching to help you not just dream, but also do

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"I have grown in confidence and in my plans for my social media presence and I am excited to see where the ideas and growth take my business. I feel more secure about knowing what I need to do and how to do it. Before I felt so overwhelmed by not knowing what works and what does not and how and when and what, that I avoided it or posted sporadicly social media.

 Now, it is just laid out so easily and neatly, that I can plan and have something to be proud of and expand to other social media platforms."

Tara, Travel Agent
Member of Group Coaching Program

Do you think if you were more consistent and intentional you would have more bookings?

One booking could equal the fee for the year to be held accountable to consistency and clarity. Remember, like money in the bank, consistency compounds.

This is a great program to help with your social media. I was able to identify areas that needed improvement but also recognize what I was doing right.

The Zoom discussions were the perfect way to find out from other agents what works for them and what doesn't.

- Melissa, Travel Agent
Member of Group Coaching Program

This course will up your marketing and social media game!

I grew in confidence, increased reach/engagement, and enjoy the collaborative space.

- Fran, Certified Travel Associate Member of Group Coaching Program 

"If you are stuck, trying to figure out what to post and how to get client interaction, this program will help you!

So many good tips that even helped me get started!"

- Allison, Trainer
1-on-1 coaching client and Member of Group Coaching Program


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Action & Accountability Group Coaching is PERFECT for you if...

  1. You're stuck Travel is starting its comeback but you can't seem to get back into the groove. You're not sure of the next, best move.
  2. You're spinning your wheels You feel like you are always busy but yet do not have much to show for it. You need to work smarter, not harder. You need accountability.
  3. You want more You're intrigued by the idea that you can focus your marketing on the destinations and travel you love AND increase your sales.

I can’t wait for you to join the Action and Accountability Group Coaching Program 

As a travel agent, like you, I have felt the pit in my stomach when I saw a client on a vacation that they booked online without reaching out to me, not realizing I could book their trip. 
I teach you how to engage with followers on social media and your clients to increase their awareness of how you can be their travel agent for life.      

You are truly in the right place if you want to grow and need someone to hold you accountable to what you say you'll do.

This opportunity is risk free. I would love to teach you and watch you soar! 


Be the first to know when I reopen in the Fall!

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