Surprisingly Simple Steps to Setting Achievable Goals in 2021

Proven strategies to stop feeling stuck when goal setting. Created for home-based business owners.

Here’s What’s Inside…


  • Identifying your goals and narrowing down how to pick one
  • Do your goals match you? This is a checklist by which to assess the goals you just made to make sure they're right for you.
  • Setting Mini Goals and Tasks for the next 60 days: Narrow down what actions you can see success with in the next 60 days.
  • Planning your next 60 days: Get this stuff on the calendar!
  • Get out of your own way: Obstacles, Excuses and Planning for them



Each year you make a goal to do better.

At the end of the year, you're in the same place.

Whether you are stuck here or struggling here you are not alone: 82% of those who make resolutions do not achieve their goals. The solution is in setting the right kind of goals and planning for obstacles that have the ability to derail your progress. Grab my free mini course to finally learn what it takes to set the kind of goals you can actually achieve and plan for when road blocks arise. 


A Note from Dana...

I created this free mini course because, as a travel agent, I have seen first hand the pressure to sell more and break sales records. 

There is so much training on how to sell, how to market, and knowing your product inside and out. That "nuts and bolts"  training is absolutely necessary.

However, it's only part of the necessary education to succeed.

I have personally seen an uptick in productivity towards specific goals by utilizing these 5 steps.  This course is not "nuts and bolts" training. It's about mindset, which, according to experts, is 80% of what is necessary to succeed.  - Dana 

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